Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I am moved in! And i have been for almost 2 weeks... at first the space was intimidating and i wasn't sure how we would make it look like an actual home. The first few days there were just boxes and bags everywhere. The first piece of furniture we found was from the Good Will- $12 and extremely heavy. My sister Marge sanded, stained, and painted it (while my siblings and i laid on the couch and watched) so that now it looks awesome! It's the tv stand except that right now there's no tv. In the bottom picture you can also see the FREE couch that one of my mom's neighbors gave me! The one that Re and i originally wanted to get was sold when i went to buy it but this couch is big and comfy and white so i'm planning on making big ole colorful pics to bring it to life!

More pics soon!

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