Friday, July 29, 2011

being crafty

Over the past two weeks i have spent most of my free time settling in and making everything "flow." I'm still definitely not finished but it's starting to look like people live here instead of just a storage unit. Below are some little things i've been making to fill in the gaps. The first project was created because i have a lot of jewelry that i never wear because i can't see it... it's all bunched up in travel jewelry cases and zip lock bags so i was determined to actually be able to see my jewelry! I went to buy a white framed piece of corked board but the white frame was $5 more expensive then the plain brown. So i bought the plain brown, spray painted it white (with paint i already had) and then stuck sewing straight pins in an organized array! And tada!

The perfect necklace and ring holder! The next project needed to be pillows for my big comfy white couch. I sat down one day and in 1 hour had these two adorable pillows! I'm using that dotted brown and cream fabric in other places around the apt so it has turned into a "theme," if you will.

The project which has already been used the most is my 4 placemats and 6 coasters, all made from inspiringly simple fabrics. For most of the coasters i used scraps from my big ole bag of fabric ends and awkward pieces so i felt thrifty ha.


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