Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Here are the other pieces of furniture in the apartment that have been collected in the past week. The first is the beautiful "hoosier"/china cabinet. I've looked everywhere for something like this but they are SO expensive and way out of any kind of budget i could create in the next couple years- however, one day my mom and i were browsing at hannah's antiques and found this! It was beautifully priced and it's even better then i hoped- it has all these cute little drawers and compartments for easy organization.

The table and the big comfy chair were sold to me by very dear friends- the table is PERFECT. PERFECT i tell you. It fits perfectly into the room and i'm already envisioning seasonal table decorations because, well, i'm just that kind of decorating dork. The last picture is of the bookshelf that my mom emptied for me for all of the sewing/craft stuff to go... i spent all afternoon a couple days ago organizing it and giving everything a place. i probably had too much fun but oh well. Now all my glues, needles, threads, patterns, fabrics, buttons, paints, and ribbons have a home. i'm sure they are appreciative.

It's starting to look like a home!!!!!
I'll post more of my craft/sewing projects soon.

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