Monday, May 30, 2011

decorative display

Ah! How adorable... thinking about this apartment just gets better and better.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


This is what i have been imagining lately:

In the living room we will have a white bench like the one above with glass bottles of all different sizes and colors- sometimes fresh flowers on it next to inspiring magazines.

This will be in front of our 70s-ish-mustard-yellow-print (a mixture of the ones above i think) couch with homemade pillows and vintage ladder next to that to hold blankets/throws. A floor lamp with a coordinating shade that i'll make will bring light to our little living area.

Also in this room, i want to use my ikea wardrobe. When i bought it last year the doors didn't fit so instead i made curtains with a tension rod for my clothes. In the apartment, i will use a heavy greyish brown fabric so that we have a cute place to put our rain boots, purses, and coats right by the door. And of course we'll have artwork everywhere cause Re is a genius like that.

In the second room, Re and i want to create a dual-purpose space. Technically it should be a dining room area but we are both artists and we want a space where our work can be easily reached, as well as an area for dinner or parties. SO! I want a table kind of like this so we can cover it with a cloth and Re can paint or i can sew and where we can put out lovely place settings and have dinner. I also really like the idea of a bench on one side because when you're creating something, sometimes a chair gets in the way as you get up to get something quickly. So something like this:

Against the wall in between the doors leading to our bedrooms i would LOVEEE something like the piece below! However, things like this are normally over $500, so i want to try and find a thrift store version that i can paint this turquoise/aqua blue. In it, we can store plates and miscellaneous china a well as baskets full of art supplies.

I also love this little area and would love if, in our kitchen, we could hang some plates along the wall like this.

In my room i will keep my grey and yellow theme; my ikea grey comforter will stay on my bed with my grey blanket at the end. My coordinating grey and yellow pillows and paintings will keep the room flowing. Across from my bed i will have my white dresser with the cork board strip, 3 white picture frames and one floral painting above that. Next to my bed i want to find a white chair and small table to create a little reading corner.

I can't wait to see all of this in reality.

our tara

There has always been a part of me harboring a fascination with small spaces- corners, staircases, petite kitchens, etc. On July 1st i will move in to another small space called an apartment. It's in a building called the Berkshires (how quaint!) 2 of my dearest friends will live there with me; Ashley for one month and then Rebecca for 11! I get way too excited when i muse over beautiful spaces and i can't wait to collaborate with Re as we create a place that is just ours.

Re and i have decided to call it "Tara" after our mutual love for Gone With the Wind. Though our small 2 bedroom, one bath home does not have acres upon acres of land, servants, or have a war threatening it, the name seems appropriate in how we would really like our apartment to be where we "can think about things tomorrow." We'll see how it goes!