Friday, July 29, 2011

birds, birds, and more birds

So i have this small iron birdcage that i bought on impulse at the thrift store 2 years when i went through a birdcage decorating stage. Luckily i haven't completely left that stage but now i'm more stuck on birds. i have a bird tattoo, bird earrings, a bird necklace, feather headbands, even bird salt and pepper shakers. i can't help it. So anyway, i have this little birdcage that looked lonely ... I thought about putting a vase underneath it and letting the flowers reach up out of the top but then i had this brilliant idea to make fabric birds and a fabric twig and put them in the cage! So i googled "how to make fabric birds" and voila.

I used my ruler to copy the pattern from the computer onto a piece of paper, cut out the pattern and then cut out the fabric...

stitched it together (this is the inside out view)...

then i made a fabric stick, sewed the two birds onto it and hung it from the top of the birdcage!

Sometimes i even surprise myself. Seriously, how cute.

And then i got so excited about how cute they were that i made 3 more... Just for the hell of it. New favorite craft right here people.


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